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2017 Girls Swimming & Diving

2017/18 season

CCC Write Up:

            Although Newington did not place first in the conference, the team as a whole did very well overall. In the 200 yard Medley Relay the A relay placed 10th with a 2:11.72 and the B relay placed 18th with a 2:26.21. In the 200 freestyle, Amber Rocheleau placed second with a season best of a 2:04.94, Talitha Featherstone-Alston placed 17th with a 2:28.24, and Olivia Zbikowski placing 24th with a 2:56.55. Next, in the 200 IM, Lindsay Weaver placed 13th with a 2:42.73, Victoria Savluk placed 15th dropping almost 5 seconds with a 2:56.61, and Captain Sarah Zogu placed 18th with a 3:02.56 only .1 of a second off of her best time. Next comes the 50 free where Sarah Nadratowski placed 4th with a .69 second drop making her time a 27.25, Gabby Targonska placed 13th with a 28.63, Jillian McCormick placed 20th with a 29.82 which is a best time by .12 drop under her previous 30.00, Julia Mazur came in 22nd with a 30.00 tying her best. Olivia Zbikowski placed 37th with a 33.65, Nina Giarratana came so close to her best time with a 37.67 placing 43rd, and Leilanie Perez got a best time of a 39.40 (almost .9 of a second). Allie Goegel represented Newington in the diving portion of the meet. In the 100 fly, Amber Rocheleau went a 1:03.22 placing 2nd, Jillian McCormick placed 15th with a 1:16.43 which is a 2 second drop, and Victoria Savluk placed 17th with an all-time best by almost .2 of a second with a 1:20.43. Next up comes the 100 Freestyle where Sarah Nadratowski placed 5th with a 59.55 which is a best time by .39, Allie Goegel placed 28th with a 1:10.92 tying her best time, Captain Leah Sanderson placed 36th with a 1:17.50, Nina Giarratana placed 40th with a 1:19.95, Leilanie placed 42nd with a all-time best of a 1:29.63 which is almost a 5 second drop, and Quynh Bui placed 44th with a huge drop of almost 9 seconds getting a time of 1:31.97. In the 500 Freestyle Julia Mazur went a 6:13.67, Lindsay Weaver placed 11th with a 6:19.45, and Captain Sarah Zogu went a 7:29.58 placing 21st. In the 200 free relay the A relay placed 13th with a best time of a 2:00.47 dropping 3 seconds as a team, the B relay placed 20th with a 2:14.25 with a little under a second of a drop, and the C relay placed 25th with a 2:38.10. In the 100 Backstroke Gabby Targonska placed 2nd with a 1:07.28 dropping .2, Talitha Featherstone-Alston placed 15th with a 1:18.84, and Captain Leah Sanderson placed 21st with a 1:24.76 dropping her time by a little under a second. In the 100 Breaststroke Tori Wyble placed 17th with a 1:29.79, and Melina Topintzis placed 23rd with a 1:43.65 dropping almost a full second. Finally in the 400 Free Relay the A relay placed 4th with a 4:06.43, the B relay placed 13th with a 4:49.43, and the C relay placed 20th with a 5:30.19. Overall the team as a whole scored 126 points. 

State Trials Write Up

       After a season of hard work, the team swam at state trials on Saturday. In the Medley relay Gabby Targonska, Sarah Nadratowski, Victoria Savluk, and Lindsay Weaver placed 16th with a 2:13.81. Amber Rocheleau swam the 200 freestyle, placing 26th with a 2:03.88. Rocheleau also swam the 100 fly, placing 21st with a 1:02.17. In the 200 freestyle relay Julia Mazur, Sarah Zogu, Talitha Featherstone-Alston, and Jillian McCormick placed 18th with a 2:02.48. Gabby Targonska swam the 100 backstroke placing 34th with a 1:08.09.  Finally Sarah Nadratowski, Gabby Targonska, Lindsay Weaver, and Amber Rocheleau swam the 400 Freestyle Relay placing 12th with a 4:02.14 which is a group best time dropping about 4 seconds! 

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